Snack Attack

Child and Husband are currently playing "Airport" (each room in the house is a different airport and they're traveling great distances to different restaurants) and I've been told very clearly by a short person that I'm not allowed to play. Thanks kid, guess I'll go write a blog entry. Triscuit thin, goat cheese, condiment, prosciutto.... Continue Reading →


Tonight I F-ed Up a 5 Hour Soup

No seriously, I did.  My French onion soup recipe is a labor of love and swearing and praying to the onion gods. When I was done, I tasted it and went "ummmm NOPE."  It completely lacked the depth of flavor that I'm used to and was a tad bitter.  Bitter is no problem, add some... Continue Reading →

Oh, Hello.

So it's been just under a year. Let's chalk it up to writer's block. But I have good news you guys, I remembered my password on the first try. "Cooking" these days is usually mac and cheese, plain noodles with butter, yogurt, fresh fruit, or cheesy eggs.  I am on this really strict diet where... Continue Reading →

Impatient Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Yesterday I was far too impatient to wait for some butter to soften so that I could make a traditional grilled cheese sandwich.  The kiddo was napping and the husband was outside doing lumberjack things and I was suddenly starving that VERY INSTANT and could not wait more than 3 minutes for a meal. Hangry... Continue Reading →

Egg Towers and R&R(&R) in Vermont

Last weekend we took a little re-charge, refresh, reboot trip up to Vermont (where I grew up) to visit my parents. Husband went skiing, Toddler and I went out to brunch with a very close friend, played in the snow, and ate. A lot. So much food. Mom greeted us at 10pm after the drive... Continue Reading →

Egg in a Basket

Now that's a happy-to-see-you breakfast. Cuz there's a face in there. See it? Two eggy eyes, a toast nose, and a frying pan smile. Yeah, now you see it. Youuuu're wellllcoooommmeeee. That's whale for "you're welcome". Finding Dory, anyone? Ok moving on. I'm noticing that I seem to write most on snow days. Newsflash: New... Continue Reading →

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