Mother’s Day Thoughts – 2018

It's Mother's Day Eve, and I'd like to send out a warm 'I f-in love you, man' to my husband, Rob. Robert. Roberto. Mister Man. You know, that guy. Why? Well for starters, he tells me if I have boogers. He stays out of my way when I get the 'oh my god I have... Continue Reading →


Oh, Hello.

So it's been just under a year. Let's chalk it up to writer's block. But I have good news you guys, I remembered my password on the first try. "Cooking" these days is usually mac and cheese, plain noodles with butter, yogurt, fresh fruit, or cheesy eggs.  I am on this really strict diet where... Continue Reading →

Impatient Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Yesterday I was far too impatient to wait for some butter to soften so that I could make a traditional grilled cheese sandwich.  The kiddo was napping and the husband was outside doing lumberjack things and I was suddenly starving that VERY INSTANT and could not wait more than 3 minutes for a meal. Hangry... Continue Reading →

Egg Towers and R&R(&R) in Vermont

Last weekend we took a little re-charge, refresh, reboot trip up to Vermont (where I grew up) to visit my parents. Husband went skiing, Toddler and I went out to brunch with a very close friend, played in the snow, and ate. A lot. So much food. Mom greeted us at 10pm after the drive... Continue Reading →

Egg in a Basket

Now that's a happy-to-see-you breakfast. Cuz there's a face in there. See it? Two eggy eyes, a toast nose, and a frying pan smile. Yeah, now you see it. Youuuu're wellllcoooommmeeee. That's whale for "you're welcome". Finding Dory, anyone? Ok moving on. I'm noticing that I seem to write most on snow days. Newsflash: New... Continue Reading →

Snow Day Warm Up

So I'm making honeybell tangelo infused vodka. That's what people do on snow days, right? Rob and I were supposed to go out for a much needed and often postponed date tonight but Mother Nature decided we should get snowed in again. Real nice of her. So we are sitting here with the kiddo watching... Continue Reading →

Well shit.

I'm not sure how long it's been since my last post, but I know my toddler daughter was an infant. So too long. Things have gone so fast and so slow I really have a hard time keeping track of who's who at the zoo. Kiddo currently has four or five teeth coming in, we... Continue Reading →

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