First Day Sammich

Sleepy but excited for my first day at the new jobbie.  Don't judge me, I was 40 minutes early for orientation and bored.
Sleepy but excited for my first day at the new jobbie. Don’t judge me, I was 40 minutes early for orientation and bored.

Today I had my first day of orientation for a new job and MAN, the parallels to the first day of school were pronounced: Sleepy puffy-eyes, nervous silence in the lobby, stealing glances and sizing the others up, wondering what department the others would be in, who would I sit with at lunch, or would I have to eat alone? I had big plans about what kind of sandwich to bring, and then when I finally looked at my offer letter last night I realized they’d be taking us to lunch on the first day. My in depth planning about what to bring will have to wait for my next day at work, but I can still share my reasoning and a picture with you. In order to make a sandwich filling enough to last the day (I don’t know the snacking policy yet), I had settled on turkey, provolone, avocado, tomato, sprouts, with sriracha mayo on wheat bread, with a side of pineapple and a yogurt. Since all day Sunday I was looking forward to that, I promptly made myself a halfsie when I got home today.

IMG_9948Growing up I was PB&J kid for a while, then I was obsessed with tuna fish. It didn’t matter if I was the smelly sandwich kid in the cafeteria, I was already wildly unpopular. The “right” sandwich choice wasn’t gonna change that, and besides I usually had hot lunch at school from the cafeteria. I’ve since trained myself to love all kinds of cold cuts, cheeses, and condiments and am a firm believer that if you can fit it between two slices of bread it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and eat it. What is your favorite sandwich, now or from when you were a kid?


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  1. If Clarks were smart, they’d have you doing your calls on Skype or Facetime… the customers would cheer up just looking at you…

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