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Snow Day/Leftovers for Breakfast

We’re having a snow/frigid temperatures day.

I also have writer’s block. Here’s a picture of my breakfast:


Last night for dinner we had tacos, which is exciting because I ate them for dinner, second dinner, snack, and re-purposed them into breakfast burritos this morning. We like tacos in this house. To create this delicious snow day breakfast feast I just heated some leftover flour tortillas in the oven with cheese, scrambled an egg, then added taco filling (meat, beans, caramelized onions, and hot peppers), sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, a squeeze of lime, and hot sauce to taste.

I’ll admit, I added a lot of hotsauce. Why? BECAUSE IT’S NEW ENGLAND AND IT’S COLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDD!

I’m hoping to get back into writing more regularly but right now I’m going to continue working from home on this snow day before my coffee wears off, and maybe steal the cat’s spot in front of the heat vent. Game on.

she wont even notice if I pick her up and steal her spot
she wont even notice if I pick her up and steal her spot

Bonus mimosas-my-way recipe:


Champagne of your choice
splash (and I mean splash, this picture has way too much) of OJ.
Slice a strawberry for pretty factor and there you go.

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