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Oven-Toasted Reuben Sandwich


Today on my day off I went to Costco (shocker) while hungry (rookie mistake) and ended up with a shrink -wrapped package of kosher pastrami the size of a canoe paddle. Since Costco is apparently a happening lunch spot and the line for hotdogs was wicked long I decided that a Reuben sandwich would be the next best thing. Yes, in my world a homemade Reuben is second to a foot-long hotdog.

Shockingly easy to make and the one of the two ways I’ve observed Rob willingly eat sauerkraut; this Reuben may become a staple in our household.


Good rye bread, two slices per sandwich
Russian dressing
Swiss Cheese (I prefer Jarlsberg)

Put the bread in the oven while it heats to 350 so the bread toasts lightly and the moisture of the Russian dressing and sauerkraut won’t cause the bread to rip when assembled.


On one slice of toasted bread smeared with Russian dressing, pile pastrami to height of your preference and warm in the oven.

Don't put the piece of bread without meat in the oven. I just forgot to take it out of the picture.
Don’t put the piece of bread without meat in the oven. I just forgot to take it out of the picture.

Add Sauerkraut and return to oven until warmed.


Turn on the broiler and arrange the cheese on top of the hot sauerkraut and return to the oven 5-8 inches below the broiler until cheese melts and browns a little.



Add a dollop of Russian dressing on top of the cheese and place the other toasted piece of bread on top. (For added richness, butter the toasted piece of bread and put it under the broiler until browned, then place on top of the sandwich)


Serve with a pickle and make all your friends wish that they also had a day off in the middle of the week.


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