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The Picky-Eaters Club

Have you ever realized that you lost an argument a month after it occurred? The other day I had turned to Rob and out of the blue firmly stated, “Our kids will eat what we eat. I’m not going to make two meals three times a day.” His eyebrows met his hairline and he said, “Good luck with that.” A spirited discussion ensued.

Growing up my husband was an extremely picky eater, so I’m told. Picky to the point that he now won’t eat PB&J sandwiches because it’s all he ate for several years straight. I honestly can’t remember if I was a good eater or not. I’ll have to have Mom chime in in the comments. He’s now pretty good about at least trying new foods and eating a couple bites of the veggies he doesn’t love, and I won’t go near a banana or the squishy innards of a raw tomato so I guess we can call this one a draw.

As I was chopping up the zucchini, kale, and mushrooms to add to my leftovers from last night I put down my knife and said out loud, “no wonder he laughed at me.” I’ve been preparing two versions of our meals the entire time we’ve lived together. He gets the meat and potatoes version, and I get the veggie-heavy version. He’s picky in that he doesn’t want to eat weird vegetables and I’m picky in that I don’t want to eat a one-dimensional meal and crave nutrients later. We also happen to own and support the eating habits of the pickiest cat ever. Whenever we have kids we’re going to have to just go with the flow, and if we add some members to the Picky-Eaters Club well then that’s just fine.

Side note: we’re not expecting, this was just on my mind so I decided to share.

Olive in her strictly chicken-flavored brand specific cat food coma.
Olive in her strictly chicken-flavored brand specific cat food coma.


  1. Sigh….I said something like that too Alexa. And then I ended up with what I like to call “the vegetarian and the anti-vegetarian.” Theoretically I drew the line at three meals a night. Alas,theory aint real life.

  2. Due to the hyper-caffeinated sleep deprived state of your Momma during the early years I am not sure if I have clear memories of my baby cooking! With your early bedtimes and Dad’s long business owner hours I am sure that there was “kiddy dinner” and grown-up food. I am also pretty sure I never put scrambled eggs or poached fish on the high chair tray and expected Dad to eat them!!! Ah those were the days. That being said, I can guarantee that if all 4 of us were sitting down for a meal the prepared meal was IT. No custom cooking. You were free to not eat what was served. (oh boy, is that true…really???I sure hope so. Must uphold my rep as the neighborhood mean mom!) I do know that you and Sam learned to make your own PB&J’s early; points for childhood independence and resourcefulness!

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