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The Great Doughnut Endeavors of 2020 (part 1 of 2, yeast-raised FAIL)

Don’t worry y’all, there’s an overall happy outcome. This wasn’t really a full-fledged fail per se, I was just really unhappy with the initial attempt. Rob, Eva, and my neighbors all liked them but I’m extremely judgmental of myself (aren’t we all?) and was all “UGH I CAN DO BETTER.”

Here’s the recipe… It’s from King Arthur Flour Company.  Flavor was awesome, my execution was poor. If you’re used to yeast recipes I’m sure you’ll ace it! I also used their recipes for vanilla and apple cider icing (both were INCREDIBLY sweet. I asked Rob if we should keep the extra icing around for anything and he goes, “yeah, if you feel like instantly getting diabetes”): For the chocolate ganache I did 1TBS butter, 4oz dark chocolate chips, and 1/4 cup of heavy cream. Melted that over a double boiler (JAY KAY I don’t have a D.B., I MacGyver-d a small heat-safe bowl over a small saucepan using tinfoil to suspend the bowl so it didn’t touch the water – seen below) and called it a day. Silky, rich, not too sweet… YAS.

Story time: I. Am. Impatient. This was like a 5 hour process (Eva also decided to nap for two hours in the middle). I also definitely did some things wrong like, let the dough rise waaaay too much the first time around. By the time we cut them out and had them sit for the second rise they didn’t get very far. I also kneaded it for far too long – I set a timer, but I let Eva help and was worried that we didn’t knead it enough because she has little arms and so I kneaded for an extra 3 minutes. Probs not a good call.

Silver lining, this recipe was an awesome chemistry lesson for Eva. We’re still homeschooling because hers is closed until May, and even though we have my incredibly regimented schedule in place for Monday – Friday, sometimes we just need a little something extra to fill the day.

No I’m not teaching my 4.5 yr old actual formal chemistry lessons, we’re just cookin’ schtuff. She was fascinated with how the dough changed as time passed, and she really enjoyed mixing the icing (“MOM LOOK it went from powder to frosting!!”), and decorating the finished product. The fancy designs were all her idea! I can’t embed videos unfortunately, but the kid could have her own cooking show. Halfway through she started narrating (and essentially imitating me. Little miss parrot):

  • “Okay, guys, first, I’m going to take this little flower doughnut and place it gently into the chocolate. I’ll dip, then twist, and I’ll place it right over here.  Oops, it tipped over. But that’s ok guys we can put sprinkles on it.  Oops, tipped the sprinkles too far. That’s ok, we can fix it. For this next one, we’ll do chocolate and then a pink drizzle! It will be so pretty, and maybe we’ll add sprinkles too! Mom. The jelly exploded out of the one you did.”

There was an attempt at filled doughnuts. An attempt.

One day when I forget how much of a pain in the ass this process was I’m sure I’ll try it again.  But then again, I think I said the same thing back when I made puff pastry dough, and that has yet to occur…

PICTURE TIME! Yes we are using a cocktail shaker to cut out the doughnuts. And used a little flower cookie cutter to cut the holes. Use what you have, amirite?

P.S. Finding yeast was RIDICULOUS. Apparently people are hoarding TP, chicken, and yeast. Good technique I suppose. Annoying for the rest of us.

Part 2, coming soon – the success story (baked doughnuts and my bomb AF icing recipes)!!

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