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And We’re Back


It simultaneously feels like everything and whole lot of nothing has happened over the last five months. First of all, I’m pregnant again and time absolutely creeps by when you’re counting in weeks. Second, we’ve finally unpacked most of the boxes since the move and now are starting to feel like our house is really our home and our space. Third, I’m only allowed to have 200mg of caffeine a day and on some days, brace yourselves, I don’t have any. WHAT. Ok I guess one of those bits of news is pretty huge so I’ll give you a minute.

If you want more info about the baby here it is: She’s a girl, has adorable little 22 or 23 week old toes, weighs a pound so far, and is primed to be a champion Irish step dancer, or soccer player, or kickboxer, or gymnast, or… you get the idea. She wiggles a lot. I ate like a jackass frat boy before this whole adventure so not much has changed on that front, except for I no longer want Taco Bell, hot sauces (they hurt my gums and my mouth), and I can’t really have obscene amounts of coffee. Favorite foods are potatoes in any form (fries, mashed, baked, roasted, tots, chips), cheese mustard and pickle sandwiches on potato rolls, handfuls of almonds and chugs of milk from the carton at 2:30am, and Ben & Jerry’s. All the Ben & Jerry’s. How I’ve only gained 14lbs so far is beyond me, but I’ll take it.


The goal today is to write up some of the meals and snacks that I’ve been taking pictures of this whole time but doing nothing with. Hear that, Mom? I’m going to DO SOMETHING with all those annoying pictures I take. Maybe. Some day. Ok right now.

Perhaps the most exciting part of having the house come together (other than starting the nursery and having the guest room/library come together) is I have a beautiful little sun porch to eat breakfast on and hang out in while writing or reading, or waiting for the chimney repair folks who are now 3 months and nine minutes late. Not that I’m counting. Thanks for all the snow, New England, I could have had roaring cozy fires all winter had it not been for you cramping my style and preventing people from getting up on the roof. Rude.

breakfast on the sun porch
breakfast on the sun porch
coffee break on the sun porch
coffee break on the sun porch

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