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Company-Worthy Frittata


We’ll start with my most recent food adventure since it’s still pretty fresh on the brain. The other day I had some close girl friends over for brunch and quality time in the new house. We haven’t really done any big entertaining since the miscarriage in November and then when I got pregnant right away after that, the first trimester was basically a three-month nap. Second Trimester came along and with it being much more energetic and not sleepwalking everywhere. This meant brunch with the girls, obviously. We had all the breakfast meats, (sausage, bacon, and corned beef hash), cut up fruit, mimosas, and the subject of this post – an asparagus Parmesan baby greens frittata topped with sliced cherry tomatoes.

That seltzer was for my baby-friendly mimosa.
That seltzer was for my baby-friendly mimosa.

Since I’d never made a frittata before I decided to consult my handy Food Network In the Kitchen app to get some ideas. I wanted to make the frittata in a pie dish for nice presentation and avoid the possibility of burning my hand by reaching in and grabbing a 400 degree sauté pan handle without an oven mitt. Don’t laugh, I’ve done that twice so far this pregnancy. And set off the smoke alarms four times. But that’s a different story. I can’t remember which recipe exactly I messed with, but I think it was a combination of an Alton Brown and a Food Network Kitchen recipe. What I was able to determine is you can pretty much put whatever the heck you want into a frittata and it will be tasty. Since we were heavy on the meats already I decided to do a vegetarian one.


7 eggs. Or 6 if you want to be that way. I needed to use up eggs to I used 7.
large splash of half & half or milk (about ¼ cup, maybe a little more)
pile of freshly grated parmesan cheese (about ½ cup)
fresh cracked pepper
dash of paprika
1 C chopped roasted asparagus (leftovers are great!)
1 C wilted baby greens – I used spinach, kale, and chard
as many sliced cherry tomatoes as you need to dot the top – slice them thinly so they stay afloat! The idea is to have a pretty presentation (if you’re feeding company. If you’re just feeding your family then jeez make scrambled eggs… I’m kidding).

1 glass pie pan liberally greased with butter

preheat oven to 400

whisk together eggs, cheese, S&P, paprika, and milk until well combined and there are no patchy white or yellow bits to the eggs.

Stir in the greens and asparagus until mixture is well combined. Pour into greased pie pan and gently, gently lay the cherry tomato slices on top so they stay on top. As the frittata bakes the eggs will puff up around the tomatoes making little eggy beds for them.

Bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes, or until the eggs are puffy and golden brown and look set in the middle.

Remove from the oven (use yer mitts! Oven mitts that is), let cool for a couple minutes, slice, and serve!

up close and personal.  and beautiful.
up close and personal. and beautiful.
bonus picture: look at the pretty crocuses I planted in our front yard!
bonus picture: look at the pretty crocuses I planted in our front yard!

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