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Comfort food stuffs


Well, today was one for the record books. The kind of day that breaks your spirit a little bit but then you get home and get a hug and a grin from your five month old and you’re like ok. Just another day. Buuuuut I still want comfort food. Cue the egg, olive, and cream cheese sandwich on toast. Perhaps the best thing about this sandwich is that Rob thinks it’s disgusting and won’t steal any bites or want his own. But what will he have for dinner?! He’s a microwave champ, he’ll survive. #leftovers. Back to my sammich. It’s really a no brainer. Make some toast, schmear some cream cheese, add some green olives and a fried egg, then mash straight to your mouth-hole. For good measure, drink milk straight from the carton. It’s not something I ate as a kid, or anything that I ate prior to being pregnant, but some of the dumb ideas that occur while pregnant turn out to be favorite food combinations for later. Bonus that I don’t get kicked in the bladder after I eat it anymore. Maybe it’ll turn into a favorite of the baby’s when she gets teeth, or maybe she’ll take after her daddy and think I’ve lost my damn mind. Either way she’s cute and I’m going to go snuggle with her.



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  1. Cream cheese and olive is a long time family fave, my long car ride to Scranton lunch of choice as a kid. Adding the egg gives you protein! Now, branch out. Cream cheese, sliced banana peppers and an egg! You’re welcome.

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