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Well shit.

I’m not sure how long it’s been since my last post, but I know my toddler daughter was an infant. So too long. Things have gone so fast and so slow I really have a hard time keeping track of who’s who at the zoo. Kiddo currently has four or five teeth coming in, we just got a new kitten, and I pan-seared some bomb dot com steaks last night for dinner.


That delicious piece of bread underneath? Oh that’s just a piece of steak toast. No big deal. What is steak toast you ask? Why it’s when you take some delicious bread and toast it in the pan you’re searing the steaks in. It soaks up the juice and butter (works best if you’re using a non stick skillet) and HOT DAMN IT IS AMAZING. The more you know.

The other day in New England we had a snow storm so I used my King Arthur Flour bread mixes to make buttery white bread and Portuguese sweet bread. It did not disappoint. If you’re like me and bread impaired, seriously consider these mixes. Seriously. I mean fresh bread. Fresh. Bread. Fresh. Aaaaaaaand bread again. I love carbs. (I had a bumper sticker that said that when I was in high school).


I love bread. Probably why I’m having trouble losing the rest of the baby weight but ya know what? It’s worth it.

Anyway. Life has been crazy, I’m just starting to get back into cooking things that aren’t pre-made or previously frozen, so here we go. Let’s hold each other accountable and do the damn thing. Cooking blog project 2.0: engaged.

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