Snow Day Warm Up

So I’m making honeybell tangelo infused vodka. That’s what people do on snow days, right?


Rob and I were supposed to go out for a much needed and often postponed date tonight but Mother Nature decided we should get snowed in again. Real nice of her. So we are sitting here with the kiddo watching Wall-E for about the 60th time this year and waiting patiently for the oils in the zested citrus skin to do work. Mom got us a 3-month fruit of the month subscription to Harry & David (thanks ma!) so we are flush with these super juicy and succulent tangerine hybrids right now. And snow. Bunches of snow.

Last night I made white wine spritzer with the fruit (below) and today we’re doing Sunday funday with a martini of sorts. I haven’t decided exactly what’s going in this concoction but I assume a splash of triple sec and a twist will find its way in there. BECAUSE WE ARE FANCY. Not really. But we are gonna pretend.


Smile kids. Life could be worse. Amirite?

Gotta go play tickle fight with the peanut before her dinner time.



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