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Oh, Hello.

So it’s been just under a year. Let’s chalk it up to writer’s block. But I have good news you guys, I remembered my password on the first try.

“Cooking” these days is usually mac and cheese, plain noodles with butter, yogurt, fresh fruit, or cheesy eggs.  I am on this really strict diet where you do this thing that has this result and it’s really super great. Oh wait, I have a toddler. Right. That’s what it’s called. The other day Eva informed me that bananas have butts and that they poop. I’m sorry what now? I disliked bananas before, won’t go near them now. Except for last week when I had a banana with peanut butter. Oh. My. God. I get it now. She thinks the peanut butter was… you know what, never mind. You’re smart, you’ll get there.

I told Rob (you know, the guy I’m married to who puts up with me on a daily basis and keeps me sane) that I need to get back into a creative groove and feed that side of my being because I’m all like Mom/Wife/Work/Sleep/Repeat and he was all “yeah man, do your thing” (editor’s note: not at all how the convo went down) so here we are. I am rusty. Like beyond rusty. Maybe this is my jumping off point for good things to come, or maybe I’ll disappear for another year.  The moral of the story is if you’re going to be eating anything in the presence of a toddler, be prepared for the “hey look! there’s its butt!”


  1. Don’t you love toddler food? Remember when all she would eat was pesto cheesy toast, “Juicy” pears (aka Royal Riviera), Nanna’s applesauce and Gerber Puffs? Time to spring the new foods challenge! After all she did say last night that she eats beets, brussels sprouts and apricots (Thank you to that amazing book)! You can always reference Naughty Mabel and her cous cous and the Tawny Scrawny Lion’s love of “delicious carrot stew” for literary inspiration and a menu jumping off place.

    In the meantime baby of mine, welcome back. Write us more stories of your food adventures disguised as life in 2018.

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