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I don’t even know what to call this one…

Well, it’s March 28, 2020, it’s been a helluva year so far, and we’re currently in the midst of a global pandemic. Let’s start with a drink recipe, shall we?

This is called my “pandemic punch.” Not really, until now it’s been nameless but I’m kind of digging on that one so I guess that’s it. It’s a two-fer: my recipe for iced tea, and a cocktail. What’s so special about this iced tea? Not much really, it just tastes good. And if you’re like me and stand in the grocery store and divide the total cost by the number of ounces in a package of pretty much anything, it will make you happy. Make your own iced tea, people. So much cheaper than store bought powder or mixed, and you can customize it like woah.

Unsweetened Iced Tea:

  • 10 – 15 Lipton black tea bags
  • 1 or 2 Bigelow (or whoever) green tea bag – I like the flavored ones like blueberry-acai or pomegranate, gives the tea a really nice undertone.
  • 2 or 3 cups boiling water
  • shitload of ice cubes (ok fine, about 3 cups, maybe more) in a pitcher.

This is so easy guys:

  • boil the water
  • submerge the teabags
  • wait a while
  • take the teabags out
  • pour the warm steeped tea over the ice cubes

If you go the 17 bag route, it makes some pretty strong iced tea. You should have about 2 liters. If not, add more ice. If you’re feeling feisty, add a packet of crystal light lemonade. boom, Arnie Palmer!

Alexa shut up already and get to the part with alcohol:

  • mkay fine.
  • Shot o’ vodka
    • (I prefer Ketel. I’m also heavy handed)
  • ice ice baby
    •  enough to fill your glass
  • home made bomb AF iced tea
    • if you’re feeling REALLY fancy (or if it’s too strong) add a splash of flavored seltzer, some lemonade, more ice, water, whatever.
  • for garnish:
    • lemon slice (or two)
    • frozen blewbs (aka blueberries. totally optional btw, I just think they’re pretty)

If you have not already noticed, I’m doing a different format. Recipe up front, story in the back. The mullet of food/life/whatthefuckever blogging. I’m also going to post less erroneous space taking up photos. CHEERS to new format! *clink*

This is my drink. It is next to flowers because flowers are happy and dammit we all need some happy.

This is really less of a story and more of a let’s check in. This week we (my husband Rob, daughter Eva, and myself) have all been living, working, schooling, socializing from home. It has been interesting. There are some major positives that have come about. For instance: Eva helping in the kitchen, family dinners where we’re all eating the SAME THING at the SAME TABLE, holding each other accountable for talking with mouths full and chewing with mouths open, GROSS AS FUCK habits btw.  The real reason I’m so excited about family dinners is previously they have only happened on major holidays… Most of the time Eva wants Rob to eat with her at her little table and I end up eating whatever’s in front of me in the kitchen, or exiled to the big table. Not very fun, and sort of lonely for me tbh.  Eating all together feeds my needy little soul.

There have also been major challenges.  One BIG ONE: There is a reason that I am a working mom in a profession other than a teacher. I’ve always had respect for teachers and stay at home moms, but DAMN GUYS, standing ovation. I am not worthy. You are gods among humans.

On the anxiety front, it’s a roller coaster. I’m good, I’m not, I’m good, I’m not… Earlier in the week I stress-filed my LONG, LONG, nails down to a normal, conservative, slightly above the fingertips length. Yesterday I went on two (vigorous) walks. I almost bailed on a grocery store trip this morning but ended up standing in a social distance line to get in, wore gloves, and sanitized everything as it went into my car… You guys. I actually asked a woman to please give me some more space in line. ME. The person who would literally eat the wrong meal if it was brought to me in a restaurant rather than letting them know there was some kind of mistake. Seriously. I’ve done that. Today I pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder while washing my hair. I was trying to shut my brain up and I scrubbed to aggressively and now here we are.

Why am I back here? Because I posted a photo of a raw, whole chicken on my Instagram story with the caption: “About to touch this chicken with my bare hands. No gloves, shit’s about to go down (green sick face emoji).”  And one of my husband’s friends replied with a recipe idea and #bringbackcookingwhilecaffeinated. I was like wait. What. Hang on. That is a GREAT IDEA (cheers Billy)!

What better way to feel connected with people when you’re simultaneously feeling so alone while also actually physically being on top of each other in the house. Eva and I have been cooking. We made ice cream, cheesy chicken bake, really really terrible brownies (I didn’t read the recipe and used the wrong flour.. my B), we’re going to make hummus next. SO DUH I should be doing this for so many reasons.

So, other folks finding themselves in uncharted waters, HOW ARE YOU DOING? What are you doing to take care of yourself? Let’s be a community.




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