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Smoked Chicken Taco Bites

me: we smoked a chicken
my mom: what’d you roll it in?
me: …. did you just make a stoner/dad joke?
my mom: you’re welcome

At least that’s how I think our phone conversation started off this morning.  My mom bringing the A+ joke game. Lol’z y’all.

It is “bring something to share” backyard party season! aka, spin in circles in your kitchen for 30 – 40 minutes and try to figure out what appetizers you know how to make. As it turns out, not many, and my searches on the food network app just weren’t speaking to me, so I made something up.  We had smoked a chicken the night before, and I had all the other stuff for these tacos just hanging out in my fridge so I went for it.

Testimonial: my neighbors said “Alexa. Any time you want to test new recipes and experiment we volunteer to be your taste testers. THESE ARE AWESOME.  Hey (name)! You try one of these taco bites yet?! She invented them this morning!” #notsohumblebrag

True to form I didn’t write anything down, just took pictures so below is the best I could do off the top of my head.

Spicy Mango Guacamole Ingredients:
2 avocados
juice of one lime (or more)
1/2 mango, diced
1/4 red onion, diced (tiny dice… see photo below for scale)
1 tsp red pepper flakes
salt, to taste
Mash avocados with the  lime juice, stir in other ingredients. Adjust seasonings and spice level to taste.

Smoked Chicken:
Chicken + Smoker + Google the instructions
When the chicken is cool, or leftovers, pull off the bone and shred.  Toss with a tiny bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Smoked is just a bonus, this would probably still be pretty good with any kind of leftover chicken. I may have to try it with Ina’s tequila lime chicken next…

Broccoli Beet Slaw Ingredients:
1 bag of broccoli slaw mix (I like Trader Joe’s)
1 small raw red beet, shredded (I used a cheese grater)
Dressing (this I did find on Food Network, I just adjusted it a little):
1/4 C apple cider vinegar
juice of one lime
2 Tbs sugar
1/2tsp red pepper flakes
black pepper
heat dressing ingredients together over low until soft boil, remove from heat and let cool, then whisk in 2TBS olive oil. toss the veggies in the dressing and let set.

Quarter a bunch of corn tortillas
Shmear each triangle with guac, add some chicken, top with slaw, place in tray, carry tray to neighbor’s house, watch whole tray get consumed in less than 40 minutes. THAT’S IT.  Bonus, these are good room temp and don’t particularly need to be kept hot or cold. Party food A+.






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