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Egg Towers and R&R(&R) in Vermont

Last weekend we took a little re-charge, refresh, reboot trip up to Vermont (where I grew up) to visit my parents. Husband went skiing, Toddler and I went out to brunch with a very close friend, played in the snow, and ate. A lot. So much food. Mom greeted us at 10pm after the drive up with homemade cream puffs. Brunch was at Chef’s Corner in Williston – Eggs Benedict for me and my friend, and fruit, granola, and yogurt for the Babe. Bonus that we got the little sister discount for one of the chefs being friends with our brothers growing up. Ahh, small town life.

Dinner was corned beef and colcannon (potato cabbage delightfulness) with blueberry upside down cake for dessert. I may have eaten an entire third of the cake. I cannot confirm, or deny. I mean, if you’re looking to gain a few LBs, come on up to the Green Mountain State and hang out at my parents’ house. I feel like I should really break the trip up into several posts because damn that’s a lot of food. But I am le tired, and cannot have a nap, or FIRE ZE MISSILES. (2003 reference anyone? I was 16 and super fucking awkward and probably had pink hair. Moving on.)

Breakfast the next day, and the purpose of this post, was leftovers in the form of egg towers.

Egg Towers

An egg tower is basically just a pile of stuff. I make them when we have leftover mashed potatoes, or in this case, colcannon. I made colcannon patties the night before when packing up the dinner leftovers and put them in the fridge to chill and solidify. The next morning, I popped those suckers in a pan with butter and left them the hell alone to get nice and brown on one side, then flipped to do the same on the other side. That was sort of tricky business because as the patties warmed, they got soft again. Durr, Alexa, that’s common sense. Whoops. The good news is, if you flip them and they smoosh you can re-shape them with a fork fairly easily.

We also had leftover corned beef, so that went into the pan too. The tower consisted of potato patty, warmed and crispy corned beef slices, a fried egg, and sliced scallions. It. Was. Amazing. You can really do this with any leftover smushed potatoes, and breakfast meat. It’s glorious. I want one now.


1 egg
1 potato patty
Some kind of breakfast meat, or leftover meat, or street meat, or skip this and do cheese instead.

  1. brown potato patty in skillet on both sides
  2. cook breakfast meat (or if doing cheese instead, lay slices on top of potato patty to melt)
  3. fry egg
  4. stack all components
  5. stuff your face.


I also just noticed that I post about breakfast a lot.
Life with a toddler, man. If it’s a quick and dirty recipe, it’s for me.

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