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This post is for Laura, who recently moved away and needs a Russo’s fix. For those outside the greater Boston area, Russo’s is a produce nerd/cheese nerd/bakery nerd/garden nerd/deli nerd’s paradise. I will be mentioning them a lot. Located at 560 Pleasant Street in Watertown, Massachusetts. They’re open 8am – 7pm and for the first 2 years I lived in Waltham I thought the building was a greenhouse. Their produce is legendary and the prices for it are unbeatable. For example, this flourishing bouquet of kale was 99 cents. For real. kale
Aside from the great prices for produce, their seasonal selections make my cynical little heart smile. Where else can you find huckleberries? Let’s put it this way; the last time was when I picked them myself and I was in Scranton, PA at our little cabin that we lovingly called, “The Cottage”. It was pink, there wasn’t drinkable water or indoor plumbing, but there were huckleberries, a quarry, generations of family memories, and it was awesome. We since sold the property and when I found these in Russo’s I almost cried. Just a little, but you know. Nostalgia and stuff. huckleberries
In other news, this summer I lived on caprese salads. It was hot, I was lazy, you know how it is. When I was a kid I apparently ate cherry tomatoes off the vine like candy, but I’ve since repressed that memory and have to take my mom’s word for it. I can honestly say that Russo’s heirloom tomatoes changed my taste buds for the better. Undressed or dressed those tomatoes look gooooood:

nakee caprese
nakee caprese
clothed caprese
clothed caprese

Rob (my husband, I’ll mention him a lot) wouldn’t eat it, but he’s a scientist and he’s weird about vinegar. Russo’s is a magical place. Be warned that if you go on the weekend you may get run over by determined shoppers and their demolition derby carts, and you may need a Xanax if you are claustrophobic in crowds. I’ve found the best times to go are random weekdays and right after work. Bonus: a majority of the neighborhood college kids haven’t found out about it… yet.

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